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Networking Services

IT Network

Need to install a network?

A network allows you to share resources and information between computers. Tech Mechanics will handle every aspect of a network install for your entire office or just add a single line.

Does your network seem slow?

Maybe a part of your network is failing or simply needs to be re-sized to handle the current load. We have the latest testing equipment to diagnose your networking issues to help resolve the problem.
Contact us today and we'll get your network up and running properly.

Business Backup Services

Business Backup Services

Secure one of your company’s most valuable assets

Is your business prepared for a disaster? Most aren’t. A recent survey showed that nearly half of all businesses that experience a disaster impacting their computer system never recovered.

Every business has some computer-based information that's considered critical to its ongoing operations. In most cases, this information is continually being updated and expanded. Eliminate the worry about whether your data is being safely and securely backed up by choosing an off-site backup solution from Tech Mechanics.

Off-site backup provides:

  • A secure, cost-effective backup location for your "business critical" data
  • A scheduled process that ensures your secure backup contains up-to-date versions of data
  • Protection of your information using some of the strongest encryption standards available

Interested in learning more about this service?  Contact us today!

Virtualization Services

Server & Workstation Virtualization Services

Virtualization can benefit almost every business.

Businesses can benefit from virtualization by consolidating multiple servers and/or remote users’ workstations on a single piece of hardware. Less hardware uses less power, both from the hardware itself and the facility’s cooling system. Plus a single piece of hardware is much easier to manage.

What is virtualization?

Virtualization technology isolates the computer hardware system from the operating system software running on them so they can be interchanged easily. A virtual operating system can be moved to new computer hardware and multiple virtual operating systems can run simultaneously on a single machine. Without virtualization (along with increased Internet speeds) cloud services would not exist.
Contact us today and we can show you how virtualization can help your business.